Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Break = R&R = Ha!

So, I've been very much looking forward to this semester ending, for the obvious reasons, but also because this will be my first year in a while not at MLA, and, in theory, this was to be the break of Rest and Relaxation.

No projects. No obligations (well, other than family ones). Just down time to rejuvenate. This is not typical of any break for me since starting this job. Breaks either include writing, or teaching, or grading, or conferences, or some combination of the above. But this break. This break was going to be different.

Until today.

For today it was revealed to me that "R&R" means not Rest and Relaxation but Revise and Resubmit. And given my teaching load, if I don't do it over the "break" it won't get done until summer.

I know I should be happy. A revise and resubmit is ultimately a good thing. And in glancing over the (very helpful) readers' reports, I think I can knock this out fairly quickly. (Also because I have no commitment to the integrity of my writing once a piece hits this point in the road to publication.) But I'm totally ticked off. Because I don't want to revise my stupid article. Not this freaking break. It's not fair!

Ok, shall stop being a child now and continue with my day.


gwinne said...

I'll be doing the same thing. R & R makes me grumpy.

Fabio Sundeen said...

hey, did your department throw a big party for your book yet? i know you wrote earlier that they weren't showing it enough respect. keep us updated.

Dr. Crazy said...

No big party, though honestly I wasn't expecting that at all, and am not at all upset that this won't happen. I just wanted some acknowledgment, and here and there I've gotten that, which has been nice. In other words, while I remain disgruntled about oh so many things, that isn't on the list anymore :)

~profgrrrrl~ said...

I'll be doing an R&R as well. But if it results in a pub, that's like a present, right? :)