Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stupid Germs

Sorry I've been so quiet. I've been sick for the past couple of days - with apparently the same cold I had at the new year that's come back to me again. I guess I'm just lucky. So anyway, last night I went to bed at 7:45 (no, I'm not kidding), and I'm actually feeling a bit more chipper today, if congested still. If this is the same cold I had before, I should be back to normal in a day or two, but man, this really sucks.


Arbitrista said...

I hope you get better soon!

Maude said...

yes, get well soon!!

Belle said...

Oh man, I had that and it hangs on too long! Take another nap and feel free to follow it with a wallow in your favorite novel.

marciano guerrero said...

Want some chicken soup? My readers and I miss you!

Craig @ AFT said...

Hope you are feeling better and at some point I hope you get to see all of the responses to the meme we started based on your post on why you teach literature. We used that post as a starting point to get others to talk about why they teach whatever they do and the response has been amazing--you can see those that we have tracked here.


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