Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Nearly Done....

  • Last department meeting of the semester? Check.
  • Last class meeting in one class? Check.
  • Second to last class meeting in another class? Check.
  • Validation that university-wide service in which I've been heavily involved was not for nothing? Check.

Other than that? I feel like posting but I've got no "topics" that are calling for a post. So, until I've got a "topic," check out this little animated ditty. I laughed in the way that you laugh when a "funny" thing is so dead-on that if you didn't laugh you'd cry.


PhysioProf said...

Time to bust out the motherfucking jameson!

Janice said...

Oh, yeah! That is one true-to-life video.

(I'm done meeting my classes which is both uplifting in that it frees up more time to mark and saddening in that I really enjoyed the classes as groups of engaging students. Sadly, more meetings beckon.)

Doctor Pion said...

Validated! Sweet success.

Thanks for that video! "rigorous assessments and outcome inventories". Priceless. And did you catch the "L"oser sign at about 1:56 to go?

PS - My word verification is "hariated". I feel like I should be able to use that in a sentence!

Dr. Crazy said...

Physioprof: the Jameson will be busted out at MLA - on the rocks. You are so my soul-mate.

Janice: I hear you on the lamenting of the meetings.

Dr. Pion: The validation has to do with the reaffirmation without probation, if you see what I'm saying, and I think that you do (*cough* SACS *cough*)

PhysioProf said...

on the rocks

The only way!

feMOMhist said...

prefer gin myself, but I share the sentiment.

I have been walking around euphoric that the semester is over (well as soon as these god awful presentations end)

btw v. jealous that your service was not for naught. Wish I could say the same

PhysioProf said...

I was in a committee meeting yesterday with several of my colleagues, and the thought kept running through my head as one of them kept making the point that if our university were a corporation and not a university, a certain thing would be be done a different way: IF OUR UNIVERSITY WERE A CORPORATION YOUR SORRY MOTHERFUCKING ASS WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED DECADES AGO!