Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Maybe Now Is The Time For Some Major Productivity?

So, I've barely been posting, but this is not because I've been keeping up with all of the many things that I need to do. Well, or I've been keeping up, but I've got a lot I need to get done between now and Saturday or Sunday (when I shall go off to Hometown for the holidays). Like what, you ask? Well, in no particular order:

  • Mountains of laundry.
  • Other stuff around the house.
  • Christmas cards (I've written out like 5, but seriously, I really am going to finish them and mail them. Seriously.)
  • Take care of some shopping.
  • Register for summer conference, which is requiring registration before they do the program.
  • Grade final exams for class that took their final last night.
  • Grade mountain of papers for class that will take their final tomorrow.
  • Grade for online class.
  • Set up new phone (my home phone was dying and FB, practical gift-giver that he is, played Santa and bought me a new phone).
  • Clean out car.
  • Call cat sitter to set up time when she will pick up the key.
  • Order books for spring (woops).
  • Do agenda for business meeting at MLA and get it circulated to society members.
  • God only knows what else.
And yes, this is a boring post. But I needed to write some things out to spur on the productivity and to make myself accountable. But I'm going to end this post and write a real post now, because even I can't pretend that this boring post is of interest to anybody, and I'm not yet in the place where I can get started on all my items. (Still drinking coffee.)

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