Monday, January 18, 2010

Tipsy Times with Former Students

So tonight I went to this benefit-type thing that BES put together, and it just so happened that also another former student of mine was in one of the bands playing at this here benefit-type thing.

It was a really fun night. The music was good, the cause was good (helping to fund a documentary about something awesome), and, well, it was just good all the way around.

1. BES's parents (whom I adore) were there early, and her dad was all, "when you are really going to buy your house you call me and I shall be your pro bono lawyer! 'Tis the least I can do given all of your awesomeness with BES!" (Let me just note that I feel like BES's parents are the most awesome and I so wish they were my parents. I mean, my parents are awesome, too, but that doesn't mean I can't adopt some extra parents. I entirely intend to adopt her parents if at all possible. And who doesn't love an offer of legal advice and references for mortgage broker people when one is about to embark on the purchase of her first home?)

2. I met all of BES's BFFs from like high school and such, and it was so cool because I'd already heard all about them, and (horrifyingly) they'd all heard about me (I was afraid they'd only heard that I was a mean lady) but they are all so great, and, although this is probably shallow of me, it did make me feel good that one of them told me that she was so happy that I wasn't some weird old lady and that I look "normal" which of course I know I'm not a weird old lady and I know I look normal, but this means something coming from a chickie in her early 20s.

3. I had a most awesome conversation with BES about our friendship, in which we both confirmed to one another that we think that it is awesome and that we are, in the words of Anne of Green Gables, Kindred Spirits. I think we've both known this for some time, but it was so nice to have the conversation.

4. I also had the pleasure of seeing and chatting with another former student of mine, who was in one of the bands playing tonight, and he totally apologized for slacking in this class of mine that he took! How silly! I reassured him, and then we had a grand time talking about life and cats and music and whatnot. And his band didn't suck. All of this was totally cool and unexpected, as the only reason I went to this shindig in the first place was because BES had made me promise I would for her, and she hadn't told me that he was in one of the bands playing (I introduced the two of them a few months ago).

5. A random stranger told me I look like Kate Winslet, which hasn't happened in years. I feel that this is evidence that my resolution regarding the fitness is paying off, for I don't look like her when I have the chubby face I've had lately. I've not heard that from out of the blue in a long while, and I feel like that is a totally wonderful comparison to make, given that I'm in no way as cool or as pretty as The Winslet. (Though, to be objective, I really must resemble her, as this is the only celebrity to whom people have historically compared me, and even I can sort of see it if I'm in a generous mood about my appearance.)

So tonight was super-fun. And now I must go to sleep. The end.


PhysioProf said...

People are always asking me if I'm this particular actor. There is a dude who I always buy my chewing gum from and every time I buy my gum, he's all like, "You're that actor, right? In that movie, right? With the assassin, right? And that other movie, about that heroin addict, right?" And every fucking time, I'm all like, "No. I'm not [particular actor]. Give me my fucking gum."

Crescentius Matherus said...

Dr. Crazy: As far as I can tell, you're way cooler (and probably prettier) than Kate Winslet!

Dr. Koshary said...

I'd kill for Kate Winslet. The only celebrities that I seem to resemble, if people's comments to me are to be believed, are Jason Alexander and Eugene Levy.

I find this high troubling.