Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday. Sigh.

My very relaxing weekend is over. I can avoid work no longer.

On the one hand, I'm glad that I pretty much took the weekend off. On the other, well, now I've got a lot of things to accomplish. And even though it's boring, I need to make a list. Here's everything that I think is on my plate:


  1. Revise and send off reader's report for an essay I reviewed for a journal.
  2. Look over proofs for collection essay on the most ridiculously stylish show on television (and it may well be that the show's creator will be adding a forward to the collection! Huzzah!), add in a note or two referencing the current season (which had not yet begun airing when I submitted the essay to the editor).
  3. Look over readers' reports for accepted essay and figure out exactly what I must do in order to get that revised and sent off before Oct. 1. (I have fantasies that I will get this sent off Wednesday.)
  4. Return to sabbatical application and finalize it and condensed cv. Also complete applications for two other sources of potential funding. (These are due in 2-3 weeks; I want to get them done so that I can run them by some peeps for feedback.)
  1. Grade for online class and get feedback sent off to students.
  2. Grade tests from survey.
  3. Grade presentation from other gen ed class.
  4. Grade presentation from grad class.
  5. Check in with syllabi and get copies of any assignments, etc.
  6. Report non-attendance.
  7. Upload syllabi into university data management system.
  8. Watch one of the movies I'm showing this week in order to make list about things that students should be on the lookout for in their viewing.
  1. Continue with spokesmodel duties for MUWCI.
  2. Prepare for two department committee mtgs. on Friday (though let's be real: I won't actually do this until just before the mtgs on Friday).
  3. I've also got some mtgs. on Thursday for which I should prepare, though I also probably won't do that with any sort of focus until just before they occur.
Huh. I actually don't have that much that I must do, looking at the above. The biggest time-suck will be the grading, followed by the revisions on that accepted essay. I so love that I had the foresight to sync my syllabi for two of my classes so that this week is a movie week in both. This was exceptional planning on my part! I am a genius! (Well, actually, it was an accident, but wow is it a happy one.)

Well. Now that I've got a list, perhaps I shall go do a few things on it. I hope you all have a great week!

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