Monday, March 02, 2009

In Which I Accept Certain Limitations and Attempt to Start out the Week with a Positive Attitude

Well, the weekend was a good one. Lots of rest and relaxation time, lots of reading. That said, I think I've accepted the fact that the revise and resubmit I've got to do can't get done until spring break. My head is too cluttered with the service stuff and with teaching stuff to dig into it over a weekend, and that's ok. Or, maybe it isn't, but it is how it is.

So today I'll finish some cleaning stuff, get myself organized for the week ahead, and go to the gym. And if I get all of that done, I think I'm in good shape.

In other news, I've got no other news, really. FB's been sick - like antibiotics-requiring sick - for the past few days (For apparently my germs transmitted to him over the phone? One would think, given the Laws of Science that this is impossible, but it does seem to be the case) but we had a really great conversation last night that made me laugh more than I have in recent weeks, and that was much needed. You know what's great about FB? The fact that he gets all of the stress and stupidity I've been dealing with lately but also that he only cares about it because he's supportive of me and he doesn't have a personal investment in any of the stressful and stupid things. I've been thinking a good deal about this in relation to the benefits of the whole LDR thing, as well as in relation to the negative aspects of, say, working at the same institution (and even in the same department) as one's significant other. People often assume that the best outcome of an LDR would be to end up relocated to the same place. Lots of times, I think there can be negatives to that which we don't acknowledge. Short version of this: it can be a lot easier to be unconditionally supportive of another person and to be the Voice of Reason when they're stressed out or upset when we ourselves aren't stressed out and upset by the same things. No, this isn't rocket science. But I've been feeling very grateful lately that I've got that unconditional support without the static of the other person having his own interests in play. Also, did I mention that FB and I came to a compromise about visiting? We were a longer way in getting there than probably was necessary, but I'm actually pleased with what we arrived at. So that is a nice thing. (I figured a little FB update would be a nice change from my ranting and raving of last week. Wouldn't we all rather talk about boys than departmental politics? I know that I would.)

So anyway, I need to get going with my mammoth list of things to do. Perhaps more later.


GayProf said...

Sorry to hear about the local shenanigans. Universities are frustrating places sometimes.

Doctor Pion said...

Do NOT look at this until you need a break from departmental jerkitude: It is a video posted on RYS called worst college discussion ever in which an english lit major acts out all of the players in ... you guessed it.

I think I have a few of these in my physics class.

Anonymous said...
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