Sunday, February 21, 2010

Moving, Shaking

I have returned from my conference full with food and drink and exhausted.

On the negative side, I was kind of a lame conference attendee. I didn't attend as many panels as one probably should, and the paper that I gave was, in my estimation, definitely mediocre.

On the positive side, I met one of my Academic Heroes and got to have lengthy dinner conversation with zie because Fabulous Mentor Who is Fabulous and Works on All My Things (though in a totally different way from me) insisted I sit at the Fancy Table. Academic Hero also attended our panel, and had very complimentary things to say to BFF, which RULED. (BFF didn't realize prior to the question/answer period that AH was in attendance, which was even more awesome, as BFF was so totally blown away once she realized who zie was, though she also gave me what-for because she felt it was my fault that AH showed up, though in retrospect BFF retracted because clearly AH had to attend our panel given the topic of hir keynote talk, which, incidentally, totally made our panel not seem like the piece of fluff it primarily was.)

Did I mention that I got to spend quality time with one of my Academic Heroes? And that I'm filled with sparkly glee at the fact? Best. Unexpected. Conference. Happening. The only lame thing is that I really did give a mediocre paper, and AH witnessed that. Whatever. It was what it was.

But so now I'm home with the kitties and settling in for an early night. More to report very soon about The Next Book. I've got big plans, which become more solid as time passes.


PhysioProf said...

Did you get fucking plastered and make a fool of yourself? That's my definition of a successful conference!

Doctor Pion said...

Nothing like hanging out with an AH.