Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have accomplished exceedingly little, and Spring break is almost over. Waiting around is taking pretty much all of my energy. And patience is not really one of my virtues. But, I'm hanging in there. I'm waiting on two things in particular:

1. The House. The owner has accepted my offer pending bank approval. The bank(s) - for there are two, one with a first mortgage and one with a second - wanted my realtor to provide a closing statement from the title company with the offer, and so Cyndi took care of that, and now the bank has received everything. So now, it's just a matter of them deciding whether they will take what I've offered. The good news is that my offer would totally cover the first mortgage - it's the second mortgage that would lose money, but that's the smaller of the two, and if the house went into foreclosure the second mortgage would likely get nothing. So, I remain cautiously optimistic and would ask all to send whatever good thoughts they can about this finishing up positively and quickly.

2. To hear about an MLA panel to which I submitted an abstract. I had been hoping I'd hear back by now, as there is another panel to which I could submit something with a deadline of tomorrow, but I didn't want to have to put that together if I already knew I was accepted to the other. Of course, if I just did the abstract for the other panel, that would probably increase my chances on the first (cosmically, not in reality).

In other news, when I'm not waiting I'm procrastinating. I have a mountain of grading to do, I've got things to do around the house, I've got research stuff I really should be accomplishing. But I DON'T WANNA.

I'm giving myself an hour and a half longer to procrastinate, and then I MUST make myself do some things.


helenesch said...

I'm waiting on something relating to my house, too (my offer was also accepted, but there's a possible problem relating to the inspection).

This feels a bit like being on the job market...waiting to find out about for something totally beyond your control. And I've done *nothing* else all week. It's not even that there's anything for me to do about the house right now (but wait), and yet it's emotionally draining (but also exciting).

Your house sounds wonderful--I hope you get it (and that they let you know soon!)

Belle said...

Well, I've got toes/fingers crossed and petitions re: favorable responses out to all attending deities for both Crazy and helenesch. You might try google's sketchup for a house-related distraction: you can place furniture, paint walls, plan gardens, devise cat strategies...

Karet said...

Good luck with the short sale! Did your realtor mention how long short sales were typically taking for those banks? I only hope you are willing to wait a little bit. We closed on our short sale in Chicago in September of 2009. When did we make the offer? October of 2008. Yep, it took 11 months. It totally depends on the bank how quickly the turn around is, how huge the stacks of people waiting are, etc. I hope yours goes more quickly!