Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting into the Groove

Why is the re-entry in fall always so traumatic? I mean, I'm still motivated and excited and everything, but I am also just beat and classes haven't even started yet. You may ask yourself why I am blogging at 6 AM when I claim to be exhausted. Well, you see, for the past two nights in a row I've been so tired that I have actually ended up crashing on the couch somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 PM. The result of this is that I then wake up disoriented and drag myself to bed after a couple of hours, and then my eyes pop open in the neighborhood of 5 AM. The vigilant Man-Kitty seems to sense this happening, and he then begins his Ritual Meowing of Morningtime with which he likes to begin each day. This is also accompanied by the Purring of "Where is my breakfast, woman?" and then at that point, I appease him with some breakfast, and then I try to return to bed but at that point I'm wide awake and thinking about all of the crap I need to do and so then I just give up and go make coffee.

You may wonder where Mr. Stripey is during all of this. Yeah, he typically is relaxing on the cool floor of either the kitchen or the bathroom. Much in the attitude of this guy:

His morning rituals are fairly simple in comparison with those of my older and much more vocal cat. Sometimes he will chase something not visible to human eyes and make squeaking and chirping noises, but then he returns to the standard reclining position. It is the way of him.

But so anyway, today is the official kick-off to the fall semester, and I'm considering whether I want to go to all of the day's festivities, or whether I'll just make my appearance after lunch. On the one hand, going to the Morning Thing could be good.... I expect some important things will be said about the budget, and about the Major Curriculum Issue that I'm involved with. I also know, however, that all of this will be available to read by tomorrow, and so I don't actually need to go in order to find out exactly what was said. In contrast, the after lunch stuff won't be publicized, so that I fully intend to show up for.

Hmm. I suppose I'll see how I feel in an hour.

In other news, I need to:
  1. Do laundry.
  2. Do crap around the house.
  3. Clean out my email.
  4. Finish revisions on that essay.
  5. Begin reading for my grad class.
  6. Call freaking IT and get the appropriate credentials (gah) to copy stuff from one course shell to another in Blackboard. I hate technology.
  7. Buy food and litter for the felines.
  8. Continue to consider what I'm going to have done to my hair on Monday at my back-to-school hair appointment. I am considering lowlights, as I feel as if my hair is looking too drab and bleached out after the summer. I know, exciting.
  9. Make grocery list and go to the grocery store.
  10. Get with the program in terms of diet and exercise, as I have many fitness goals for the fall semester.
Now, clearly not all of this needs to be done today, but I do believe that these are all of the things that I must accomplish by Monday. Not a totally outlandish list, but given the fact that I am lazy, we'll see how much of it I actually do.

Well, this has been a frivolous and boring post. Whatever. It's early, and I'm tired.


Unknown said...

OK...this has to do with the Burde organizer you mentioned (Oct. 2008) I have been using them, too...I used the 8x10 weekly planner which I bought at Barnes and Noble. I cannot find these this year...ANYWHERE. Do you have a source for Burde products?

Thanks, Julia Melgreen/Springfield IL

Terri said...

i enjoyed the post. the pic of reclining man as visual aid for Mr. Stripey made me LOL.