Monday, April 27, 2009

Because What Really Matters Is My Hair

And not all of the cock-a-doodle-dum (a Virginia Woolf word I so want to bring back, along with D.H. Lawrence's "cockaloopy" - in fact, I have a fantasy about writing a paper called Cockaloopy Cock-a-Doodle-Dum then a colon, and then something, but I don't know what comes after the colon, so that paper remains unwritten, but I would so love to be called the author of "Cockaloopy Cock-a-Doodle Dum" in somebody's dissertation or something, but I digress) business of service and the humanities and theory vs. reading for transformation whatsit. No. It is my hair that matters most of all.

I just got back from the salon (a tiny little store-front establishment with no frills, for that is where my AWESOME hair lady moved, and I shall follow her anywhere), and I feel like a whole new Crazy.

The hair, it is the blonde that it should be (i.e., summertime blonde, the blonde of my 3-year-old self).

The bangs, they are back with a vengeance. It turns out that the whole "I want to grow out my bangs" thing was really an unfortunate interlude in an otherwise brilliant hair year. You see, I look great with bangs. I thought I needed some sort of a change in January, which precipitated the thought that I should grow them out. What I then realized is that the bangs a) give my hair a style (important since I'm a lazy girl when it comes to doing my hair each day) and b) that I now have unfortunate wrinkles that are beginning to become apparent on my forehead (note: probably I'm the only person who sees these, as in recent weeks like 3 separate people have noted that I look like a student).

In addition to the bangs, the hair, it is cut, very blunt along the bottom (slightly shorter in the back, with the pieces closer to the front grazing my shoulders - though the difference in length is decidedly not dramatic) with a very few layers for some movement and texture (and because the hair already had some layers). I should note that aside from those very few layers, I do believe I had not only this color of hair when I was three years old but also this exact same hair cut. Cute in 1977 is apparently also cute in 2009. I suppose my face hasn't really changed, so this does make a kind of sense.

In addition, my eyebrows were waxed to perfection (because I'm now high maintenance in this area and never deal with my own eyebrows).

Guess, just guess, how much this all cost?

Before tip.... drumroll.... $50. Seriously. I actually said, "Jen, but you did my color, too?" and she was all "well, if you'd like to give me thousands of dollars.... but no, seriously, that's how much."

I gave her $65. I seriously would have given her $75 but I thought it would make her feel weird. Needless to say, the AWESOME Jen will be receiving a LARGE tip this Christmas. LARGE.


GP said...

Can we see a similar-hairstyle-on-celebrity picture? Sigh... this makes me want to bring back the bangs myself.

helenesch said...

Yes, pictures are in order! (if not of you, then of your hair, or your hair on someone else...)

And I've never thought about bangs covering up my wrinkles--I guess my lines are mostly under my eyes (good thing there's no hair there!)

Susan said...

I've been debating bangs. . . haven't had them for years.

And eyebrow waxing is awesome, for those of us who are not good with tweezers!

Sisyphus said...

Hooray, summer must be here ... to match the blondness, no?

Dr. Crazy said...

As for the length, and how it looks on the bottom, this is about right, but the bangs are not side-swept - they're more rocker-y.