Monday, July 10, 2006

Lazy Crazy

Ok, so I'm in my office. And I have a list a mile long of things to accomplish. On this list, I have accomplished exactly one task. This took me one hour and 36 minutes, because while accomplishing it, I also looked at blogs and futzed around and wasted time. Now, the thing that a productive and sensible person would do would be to move on to another item on the list. But I don't wanna.

1. I am annoyed that I cannot actually accomplish one of the things on my list (the main thing that I wanted to accomplish) because there is a snag that means I need to wait to hear from somebody before I can complete what I need to complete. This isn't that big of a deal, just annoying.

2. None of the items on my list are in any way appealing. While it is true that I would be happy to have accomplished the items on my list, I will not be happy while accomplishing them.

[All right, so I did just check off one of the things on my list. It only took 5 minutes. All other items on the list will take much more time than that.]

3. Eating lunch is not on my list, but I think I might enjoy doing that even though it's kind of early and it could technically be labeled as procrastination.

Why am I so lazy? Why is it so hard to get things done? Why do I have to work myself up into this kind of a tizzy in order to make myself do even the simplest tasks? Why do I think that writing about it is anything other than total and utter procrastination?

Ok, I'm going to go and check at least one more item off of the list. Then, I may allow myself to do a more substantive blog post. Or I may just say fuck it and do something that does not involve my brain (like basking in sunshine, eating, or napping).

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